About us

History: We founded Bapoense in Brooklyn, NY in early 2023. Our team has decades of experience both operating online vintage business and working in sustainability-focused startups. Our store has a mix of eclectic home goods and decor from the 30s to 80s as well as vintage clothing and accessories from the 60s to 90s.

Our mission: Our mission is to reduce the 2 billion tons of waste produced globally each year (source). By showing consumers that it’s possible to shop vintage/upcycled and receive world class customer service and products, we will change purchasing behavior and reduce demand for ‘newly manufactured goods’.

Our approach:

  1. Sourcing: We work with various partners to procure high volumes of vintage clothing, home goods and decor (estate liquidation companies, rag houses, etc.) that may otherwise be trashed.
  2. Sort: Our initial ‘sorting’ takes place while sourcing, as we determine which goods we think are a good fit for the store. Following this, we do a close-review of all items to determine if they are immediately ready for sale, need to be cleaned/laundered, or should be ‘upcycled’ into a new product for you to love.
  3. Clean/launder, ‘upcycle’, donate/recycle: Following ‘sorting’, we clean/launder products as necessary, ‘upcycle’ any products that we deem have more value to consumers in a new form, and donate/recycle any remaining goods that we do not intend to sell or use in new product production.
  4. Photos & listings with clear descriptions: Bapoense sells vintage and upcycled products, so imperfections are to be expected - but surprises are not! We take photos and videos of our products, and write clear listing descriptions, which outline any imperfections identified in the product.
  5. Packaging & shipping: All items ship within 2 business days, unless otherwise noted on our banners or listing. We inspect all goods prior to packaging and shipping. For fragile goods, we take extra care to provide protection (and insure shipments in case of damage).

Learn more: You can visit our FAQs page for customer-related questions, or reach out to info@bapoense.com (or via our contact form) for broader inquiries!